Good pronunciation is an essential part of speaking good english. This does not mean that you should not have an accent. Accents are sexy! But, for example, not making the basic sounds correctly can make it harder for you to communicate.

Pronunciation can be a complicated and difficult thing to learn, but EnglishPron.com is here to make things easy for you the english learner.

When you learn pronunciation you need to work on a few things. Take a look at the overview of pronunciation below It shows all the different things that you might need to learn about.

Think about what is, or might be difficult, or a problem for you. To help you we have collected information on what problems speakers of different languages will have. click the 'nationalities' link on the left to find your language.

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EnglishPron.com can help you with all of these areas please choose what you want to learn form the menu on the left to begin.

You might also want to check out our iphone application iPron, or the phonetic alphabet chart.